Jens of Sweden to challenge iPod

Jens of Sweden has promised to "challenge iPod with their new M-120", according to DI on Wednesday. The company believes it has a "better and more advanced" technology at a lower price.

Currently the “iPod Shuffle” exists in two versions, one with 512MB memory and one with 1GB memory. The M-120 has 1GB memory and comes at a price of 1,344 SEK, which is “one crown less than the iPod Shuffle”, according to DI.

“The M-120 will give the customer a chance to see and chose exactly what they want to listen to”, said Jens Nylander, director of Jens of Sweden.

On the downside, noted DI, it will be bigger and heavier than the iPod.

“But it has a bigger battery and lasts longer,” said Jens Nylander.

Sources: Dagens Industri