Storm forests face “inextinguishable fires”

Sweden's fire rescue services fear that storm-damaged forests in the southern parts of the country may suffer inextinguishable fires if this summer turns out to be dry and hot, reported DN.

“These could be similar to the bush fires in Australia and it would be too dangerous to try to enter the forests and extinguish them”, said Leif Sandahl at the rescue services in Karlstad.

“The trees are on the ground like perfect heaps of bonfires, waiting to be set alight”, said Per Taube, Area Manager at the forestry authorities in Ljungby.

According to Taube there will be up to thirty times more flamable material in the forests this summer due to the storms.

Sweden has limited resources when it comes to fighting fires of this sort, while France for example, uses water bombs from the air, explained DN.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter