New doors stop fat cops

The familiar image of chubby cops munching doughnuts may not be particularly Swedish, but the new doors at the National Police Board in Stockholm have a surprise in store for any police officers who have been letting things slip in the waist department.

Tuesday’s Metro reported that a new walkway into the building has built-in scales. And as far as the scales are concerned, if you weigh more than 105kg (231 pounds) you’re two people.

“Stop there! Stop there!” scream the doors in English. “One at a time! One at a time!”

Metro spoke to a policeman “who weighs a little over 100kg”.

“Unbelievably rude and discriminatory,” he said. “I’ve tried a number of times but I just can’t get through.”

The paper noted that even people weighing a feathery 90kg have been stopped, and sought an explanation from the National Police Board’s technical service man, Danny Bernhardsson.

“The construction is unfortunately based on weight and not sensors,” he said. “Although nobody is prevented from getting in – there are other doors nearby.”

“We want to ensure that people enter the building one at a time,” he added.

Sources: Metro