Liberals want tougher rules on deportation

Sweden's Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) has proposed tougher treatment of immigrants who break the law. At a press-conference on Wednesday the party announced that it wants foreigners who break the law to be deported. Mauricio Rojas, the party's spokesman on refugee policy, thinks that the initiative will counteract racism and hostility against immigrants.

“This sends out an important signal . Most Swedes welcome refugees. But they do not want criminal immigrants in Sweden,” Rojas said to Svenska Dagbladet.

Immigrants who are sentenced to more than two years in prison will be deported and will not be able to return to Sweden. Honour-related crimes, violence against women, participation in female genital mutilation, marriage between children or arranged marriages will also lead to deportation.

Currently, immigrants who commit crimes face tribunals which consider the connection the person has to Sweden and the gravity of the crime. An immigrant who has just arrived might be deported for a minor offence, while another immigrant who has been in Sweden for some time might be allowed to stay, even if he had committed a more serious crime.

“It shouldn’t be possible to abuse Sweden’s hospitality” said Rojas.

The Liberals balanced the tough talk about criminal foreigners with proposals that they say will improve life for the majority of immigrants concentrated in the suburbs.

The party announced “five proposals to provide security”, reported news agency TT. The party says that the programme aims to give people living in the suburbs of Sweden’s cities a greater sense of security, with more police presence, damages payments to child victims of harassment, and trained court personnel.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Göteborgs Posten