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Arctic air grips Sweden

Äppelviken in Stockholm


Cold air from northern Russia and the Arctic has given many parts of Sweden the coldest March day since records began.

On Wednesday morning Uppsala airport recorded a temperature of -32.6C, the lowest ever seen there, while in the town itself it was -25C. That was the coldest it’s been in March since 1942.

Going south, Västerås shivered at -20.9C and Roma on Gotland experienced the coldest March day on record with a temperature of -24.5C. It was barely warmer in the island’s capital, Visby, which measured -19.5C, the coldest March temperature in 40 years.

But the coldest spot in the country was Idre-Storbro, in northern Sweden, with -39.1C.

Most of the country is still covered in snow, which has delighted the legions of Swedes heading to the mountains for the annual ‘Sportlov’, the winter sports week.

“It’s absolutely perfect weather,” said Mia Karlsson, the information officer at the Skistar resort in Åre.

“It’s just in the morning that it’s cold. During the day the temperature goes up and then it’s sunny and there’s no wind. The further up you go the warmer it gets – right up on the mountains it’s between minus three and five degrees,” she said.

Earlier in the week the south of Sweden was hit with severe snow storms. There’s up to 44 centimetres of snow in Ronneby and the eastern part of Skåne has had at least 30 centimetres of snow in the last few days.

But Götaland won’t be breaking any snow records this year: in 1977 there was 110 centimetres of snow in Godegård in Östergötland.

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