New video of Iraq Swede

A new video of Minas Ibrahim al-Yousifi, a Swedish citizen kidnapped en route for a political meeting in Baghdad on January 28, was released to Reuters news agency on Wednesday. Again, Mr al-Yousifi claims his life is in danger if his kidnappers' demands are not met.

Minas Ibrahim al-Yousifi fled to Sweden from Iraq in 1984 but returned after the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003. Currently leader of the Christian-Democrat party CDP in Iraq, Mr al-Yousifi revealed in an earlier call to his family that his kidnappers are demanding the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and four million dollars.

These demands were repeated in a previous video released to the press not long after his kidnap, which showed Mr al-Yousifi with a gun against his head, pleading for his life.

According to reports, the latest video shows al-Yousifi calling on King Carl Gustav, the Pope and “all honourable citizens of the world” to work on his behalf to secure his freedom.

Mr al-Yousifi claims he has been moved to a so-called “death-brigade”, and believes his kidnappers mean to execute him if their demands are not met.

Mr al-Yousifi’s family in Jönköping have reportedly not yet seen the tape but his daughter, Nalin, says the even though the video confirms her father is alive, the family is deeply concerned about his well-being.

Nalin added that she wishes her father’s situation was being taken more seriously by the Swedish authorities given the nature of the threats against him.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry are, according to reports, aware of the latest video but as yet have not made a formal statement regarding the matter.

It is unclear when the latest video of Minas Ibrahim al-Yousifi was filmed.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet