IT and medical sectors beginning to boom again

If the increasing price of IT consultants' fees are anything to go by, it looks like the Swedish IT industry is on the up again. At least that's what Dagens Nyheter is saying.

But the cavalier approach that left many with burned fingers when the IT-bubble burst five years ago is long gone. Companies are now much more cautious, wary that profits have to be maintained.

With the IT industry worth a reported 45 billion crowns, five billion more than when the IT-boom was at its peak five years ago, signs are that the industry has weathered the storm.

Elsewhere industry monitors CONNECT are predicting continued growth for the medical industry and high tech companies, with many expecting to recruit new employees over the next quarter. For the first time since figures were monitored, more companies than ever are reporting difficulty in finding new personnel.

Swedish biotech and medical drug companies are doing so well that growth within

the medical industry is currently outstripping that in the IT sector.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Connect