Victoria impresses Down Under

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria charmed Australia on Thursday morning with an appearance on the country's popular breakfast TV show, Sunrise.

“She’s a real star,” said one of the members of the studio audience after the programme.

The princess is on a week-long “marketing trip” to Australia as part of a 12 day festival, Swedish Style in Australia. She will be promoting Swedish design, food, lifestyle and culture.

During the visit she will meet the premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks, but she has already impressed the country’s public.

“Star reporters” Melissa Doyle and David Koch led the interview, which began with Crown Princess Victoria entering to the tones of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’, but it was in answering the questions from the audience that she was able to be more personal.

While some viewers wondered what it was like to be a princess, others asked about the Swedish royal family’s relationship with the other royal families of Europe.

“It sounds strange to you, but we’re all more or less related to each other, although distantly, so we meet on birthdays, for example,” she replied.

After the interview, Melissa Doyle professed herself to be rather taken with the Swedish princess.

“She was absolutely wonderful,” she said. “She was exactly the kind of person you’d want to invite out with your friends.”

It is the princess’s first visit to Australia.

Sources: Expressen