Rabies risk as dog smuggling increases

The number of dogs being smuggled into Sweden is increasing. Up to 100 dogs have been caught being brought in to the country illegally since last summer and the problem is getting worse.

Most dogs are missing records, such as kennel information, vaccination statistics and other “identification”, according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, who are acting to solve the problem.

“When we only had a dog here and a dog there it was so much easier to handle”, said My Sahlman at the board.

The Swedish National Veterinary Association has been instructed to monitor the risk of rabies, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

Sweden, alongside the other nations in the European Union, has successfully kept rabies at bay – so far.

“However, now when there are new countries in the union it seems the situation has worsened a bit,” said Karl Gunnheden at Swedish Customs.

People are making money on smuggling dogs because it is cheaper to buy them in the new member states, but these new states are not yet free of rabies. In November 30 puppies from Rumania were intercepted.

“Lately there’s been a mass transportation of dogs, and it’s quite clear what’s going on since private people would not travel with that many dogs”, said Gunnheden.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet