Volvo and Skandia in three year IT deal

Volvo's subsidiary Volvo IT has taken over responsibility for the Skandia insurance company's mainframe computers.

The agreement is to run for three years and covers IT operation, technical support, data storage, system monitoring and data communication.

Skandia’s mainframe computers run business systems throughout the Nordic region. As a result of the new deal the operation will move to Volvo IT in Gothenburg, one of the Nordic region’s largest data centres located deep in a mountain.

Volvo IT’s largest customers are in the auto industry but recent years have witnessed the company moving into new markets, successfully attracting contracts from other industries.

“We see the Skandia agreement as a success for our business model which means open cooperation and effective coordination of IT resources at major companies, ” says Volvo IT’s CEO, Ulf Nilsson.

“Volvo IT can supply the resources we need and build their relationship with us on a deep understanding of our requirements,” says Skandia’s deputy CEO, Gert Engman.

Skandia is located in around 20 countries and listed on the stock exchanges in Stockholm, London and Frankfurt.