Hurricane cost Swedish phone company 450 million kronor

Gudrun, the storm that lashed Sweden in January cost Telia Sonera Sverige in the region of 400-450 million kronor, the company announced on Monday.

Since the storm struck southern Sweden, over 280,000 faults have been reported in the region to the telecommunications company. The same figure would ordinarily cover the number of reported faults for the entire country over a five month period.

Telia Sonera have assured customers that all faults connected to individual homes have been repared. However, if the cost of reparing telephone lines to summer cottages [“fritidshus”] exceeds 50,000 kronor per cottage, the repairs will not be carried out and the line will be permanently disconnected. At present it is unclear how many cottages this will affect.

Telia plan to invest 1 billion kronor in improving its GSM-net over the next four years, prioritising some of those areas worst hit by the storm in the process.

At its worst, Gudrun left 300,000 customers without a phone.