Eight years for killing female restaurant owner

An 18 year old who murdered the owner of a restaurant in Malmö last autumn has been sentenced to eight years in prison. His accomplice, who was also eighteen, will serve five years for serious assault.

On October 3rd 2004 the owners of the restaurant Wendis in Malmö were closing for the night. Mohamed Saeed Omar and Boonrawd Paernkit had hidden in the toilet and, armed with knives, pepper spray and with covered faces, planned to rob the restaurant.

The female restaurant owner was stabbed to death and her husband, Wendi Ma, was stabbed in his eyes.

Mohamed Saeed Omar was found guilty by Malmö district court of the murder and robbery of the female restaurant owner. He was also convicted for the serious assault of her husband.

His friend, Boonrawd Paernkit, was convicted to five years in prison for seriously assaulting Wendi Ma, but found not guilty of murder. Three other friends of the 18 year olds were convicted of attempted robbery and will be put into social care. They were standing outside the restaurant keeping watch during the crime.

According to Tuesday´s Dagens Nyheter the light sentences were due to the two men’s age at the time of the crime. If they had been over 21 years of age they would have been seen as adults in the eyes of the law, which would have meant lifetime imprisonment for the murderer and ten years for his accomplice.

Dagens Nyheter´s Ole Rothenborg, who was at the sentencing, said that the only comment the husband had after hearing the court decision was, “it´s not fair” – suggesting that both of the youths should have been convicted for his wife’s murder.

“Mohamed Saeed Omar confessed during the trial that he also kicked the woman´s head so hard when she was lying on the floor that he thought he had killed her – but it was the stabbing which killed her,” continued Ole Rothenborg.

But Mohamed Saeed Omar’s lawyer, Sven-Erik Forsell, told news agency TT that he was surprised that only one of the perpetrators had been found guilty of murder and that they planned to appeal against the sentence.

“Not even the prosecutor stated that it was my client who actually committed the murder,” he said.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, TT