Steep pay rises for Sweden’s listed company bosses

Sweden's top bosses have been awarded fat pay rises on the back of last year's successes. Ericsson's Carl-Henric Svanberg alone received 22.3 million kronor.

According to DN, Svanberg made 12.7 million kronor in wages last year plus a bonus of 9.6 million. The previous year, Svanberg took home a mere 8.8 million kronor in total.

Svanberg is not alone in the league of top earners. Leif Johansson, head of Volvo, made 15.8 million kronor, an increase of 16% on the previous year. SEB’s managing director Lars H Thunell earned just over 9 million compared to 7.8 million the previous year, whilst another banker, Lars G Nordström, head of Nordea, was paid 9.3 million.

Poor old Tom McKillop, head of Astra Zeneca, suffered a drop in salary. News bureau TT reported that he only made 14 million kronor last year, compared to 18 million the year before.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, TT