SAS cut domestic prices

SAS are setting their sights on dominating domestic flight routes. From March 30th "it will be both cheaper and easier to take a domestic flight with SAS," says company chief Anders Ehrling.

The airline are introducing a number of significant changes to make flights cheaper including flexible tickets and a new easy online booking system. Paper tickets are also going out the window.

From March 30 three ticket-types on domestic routes will be available: Fix, Flex and Full Flex. Fix tickets start at 450 kronor and are available on all flights subject to availabilty. Flex can be rebooked at anytime, while Full Flex can be rebooked and refunded.

Whether or not this will woo customers remains to be seen. But Anders Ehrling is certain of it:

“People want to fly with SAS. Our studies show that. In that sense, we are the airline for Swedes.”

The new price plan is being introduced in time for the annual summer lull in demand for tickets on domestic routes.

With SAS looking to capitalise on the domestic market, and with competing airlines likely to respond, the real winner is expected to be the customer.