GB Glace launches summer ice creams

Swedish ice cream manufacturer GB Glace announced "It's spring today!" in a press release to coincide with details of five new flavours they're producing this year.

This year’s range of GB ice creams and lollies includes the dubiously entitled “Nogger Black”.

“Nogger Black” is, apparently, a licorice sibling of the classic vanilla and nougat “Nogger” lolly. The Nogger, first produced in 1978, is still going strong and was Sweden’s seventh most popular ice cream last year.

For the uninitiated, “Nogger Black” is, according to GB’s press statement, a vanilla lolly covered with “sweet, gooey licorice toffee encased in crispy salty licorice casing”.

Amongst their range of icy indulgences, the company is set on capturing the so-called “light” (diet) ice cream market.

Last year sales of “light” ice cream increased by 142% and to meet demand GB are extending the Solero-range of low-fat ice cream. A new addition to the range is the introduction of the Solero Peach & Yoghurt, which has only 5% fat or 108 calories.