Sven-Göran Eriksson – the play

A play based on the off-field antics of Sven-Göran Eriksson, the Swedish manager of England's national football team, is to open at the Royal Dramatic Theatre's Elverket in Stockholm in April.

The producers of “A play in Swedish English and Italian” were anxious to point out that the play was not meant to be biographical.

“This is a free fantasy inspired by all the headlines and situations he’s been involved in, with the lovers and the board that tried to fire him and so on,” said Stefan Larsson, artistic director at Elverket.

Nevertheless, three of the characters in the play represent well-publicised love affairs of the man known in Sweden as ‘Svennis’ – even if they remain unnamed.

The ‘Swedish’ is TV celebrity Ulrika Jonsson, with whom Eriksson had an affair in 2002, while the “Italian” is his long-term partner, lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio. Completing the trio is an English secretary at the Football Association headquarters in London, Faria Alam. Alam revealed their affair in 2004.

With one of the most high profile jobs in the UK, Eriksson is under constant media scrutiny and it is the relationship between celebrities and the press that is the real subject of the play.

“A play in Swedish English and Italian” opens on April 8th and Aftonbladet wondered if the man himself would be there for the premiere.

“It’s possible that he’ll want to go and see it,” said Eriksson’s assistant, Tord Grip. “We will have played our two international matches by then.”

Sources: Aftonbladet