Police shoot 22 year old dead

A 22 year old man was shot dead by a policeman in Lindesberg on Sunday afternoon after attacking officers with "knives in both hands".

“It was a clear execution,” said the 22 year old’s father, who witnessed the whole incident.

Two police units were called to the house on the outskirts of Lindesberg, between Örebro and Falun, after the 22 year old’s parents had called the emergency number. They had gone to a nearby petrol station after an argument with their son, who, they said, had already armed himself with knives.

Four police officers stood at the gate to the family home and “successfully made contact with the 22 year old”, according to Örebro police spokesman, Torbjörn Carlson.

“Out in the garden the man suddenly attacked the police with knives, one in each hand,” said Lars Göransson, the prosecutor leading the investigation into the 22 year old’s death.

Two officers had already drawn their weapons and one of them shot the man as he approached. According to the prosecutor, the man was shot in the stomach.

The 22 year old’s father said that he had tried to speak to his son but had got no contact with him. He told Aftonbladet that the police had ignored his pleas for them not to shoot, even though his son was on the other side of a closed gate.

“It was murder, a clear execution,” he said.

Both police and the man’s parents tried to save him but he was dead by the time he arrived at Lindesberg hospital.

The officer who fired the fatal shot has, reported Dagens Nyheter, been “taken out of service” and debriefed by colleagues.

“There is reason to consider that a crime could have taken place,” said prosecutor Lars Göransson. “In which case it’s a question of breach of duty which is a low grade of crime.”

Nevertheless, the policeman has not been charged and is not yet under suspicion of any crime.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet