Escaped killer caught in Gothenburg

A dangerous criminal has been caught after escaping a psychiatric ward on Monday morning but police are now searching for another psychiatric patient who'd been jailed for murder. It's a double-punch to the Swedish justice system, adding to an embarrassing record of escapes in the last twelve months.

In the first incident, a 33 year old man convicted of two murders, rape, attempted rape and assault, escaped from his two guards at the secure psychiatric hospital in Växjö while he was being taken for massage therapy.

After visiting the toilet, Dariuz Ledzion apparently ran towards a car where a young woman sat behind the wheel. The guards tried to chase him but he threatened them with a gun.

It is not clear whether he took the gun from the toilet or whether the woman had it in the car.

Police nationwide were put on alert and Ledzion was considered armed and dangerous while free for nearly one full day. He was caught in Gothenburg late on Monday night when a police bus rammed into his escape car.

At first the young woman was “considered a victim of the crime,” according to police. She was interviewed by officers and has a history with Ledzion that has yet to be cleared up.

Police spokesman Leif Gustavsson says she was a student who was had done work experience at the psychiatic clinic. “The only thing we know is that the clinic contacted the school to discuss her professionalism,” he said.

However, the press has reported that she was a former top athlete and “friend of Carolina Klüft”. And a few hours later the prosecutor announced that there would be further investigation into her involvement in the escape.

Ingrid Persson, information officer at Kronoberg district court, told Dagens Nyheter that the escape was unfortunate but “sometimes it’s unavoidable in care situations”.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the 35-year old woman who killed a man in 1996.

“She’s unreliable and can be dangerous in certain situations,” said Jan Larsson with the police in the southern city of Kristianstad.

For the second time in months, the woman apparently simply ran off while walking in the grounds with guards.

“Suddenly she said ‘bye’ and ran away,” said Tommy Nielsen, head of the criminal psychiatric division in Hässleholm, from where she escaped.

The minister in charge of the elderly and criminal psychiatry, Ylva Johansson, did not want to comment on the escapes, or, as Aftonbladet pointed out, the fact that 28% of criminal psychiatric patients commit new crimes while they are under care.

“Naturally it’s a serious situation when dangerous people manage to escape. But the priority is for police to capture the escapee,” she said at a press conference.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, Aftonbladet