Swedish mid-size firms eyeing Baltic move

The recent expansion of the EU into Eastern Europe has struck a chord with the Swedish business community.

According to Lindbergs, who carried out survey of 6,300 medium-sized companies across twenty-four countries, 28 percent of are planning to shift their entire operation or part of it to one of the ten new EU countries. 24 percent have already moved.

Swedish companies apparently have the second highest case of wanderlust in Europe, according to Lindbergs, just behind the Greeks.

Peter Bodin, head of Lindbergs says, “It’s worrying that over the 4,500 medium-sized companies in Sweden over 2,000 have moved or are considering moving abroad.”

This trend is unique to Swedish companies compared to other EU countries, according to Bodin.

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland are said to be particularly attractive to medium-seized Swedish companies.