Ericsson sues UK mobile company

Ericsson announced on Wednesday it has sued the UK-based mobile phone company Sendo for patent infringement in several countries.

The Swedish telecommunications giant alleges that Sendo’s mobile phone products infringe certain Ericsson patents covering GSM and GPRS technologies.

Ericsson is reportedly seeking an injunction against the continued sale and marketing of Sendo’s mobile phone products, as well as financial compensations for damages.

“We believe that Sendo is using Ericsson-patented technology, but they have so far not signed a license agreement with Ericsson, ” said Kasim Alfalahi, Director of Licensing, at Ericsson.

“Under these circumstances we have no choice but to take Sendo to court.”

Ericsson claims it is committed to making its technology available to all in the industry who desire to use it on fair and reasonable terms through licensing.

Most of the world’s manufacturers of GSM/GPRS mobile phones have already joined the Ericsson patent licensing program, it said.

“Basically, all we ask is that companies which use technology invented by Ericsson compensate us for this, the same way we are prepared to compensate others for our use of their technology,” Alfalahi said.