Swede arrested for killing Swede in Lithuania

A Swedish man who was a former Honorary Consul who was recently found dead outside Klaipeda in Lithuania was murdered, according to DN on Wednesday.

One Swedish man is held on suspicion of the crime together with two other men. The victim was found dead in the middle of an open field outside the town after someone had reported to the police that “a person was on fire”.

Bu the time the fire was extinguished the man was already dead. The corpse was then identified as a “Swedish oil baron who had also been Honorary Consul in Klaipeda”, according to DN.

The foreign office in Stockholm received a message on Wednesday morning from the Lithuanian police confirming that one of the suspects was of Swedish citizenship. He is said to be 47 years old, while the other two are Turkish and 23 years and 24 years of age.

The “oil baron” had been working for a local company for two years while holding his diplomatic post.

A daily newspaper in Lithuania reported that the Swedish entrepeneur had been suspected of fraud in connection with his business. It was said that he “put the equivalent of 130,000 Euro, aproximately 1,3 million crowns in his own pocket”, according to DN.

The murder investigation continues.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter