Life is a pain in the neck for a third of young Swedes

36 percent of Swedes between the age 16-24 suffer pain in their back, neck or shoulders at least once a month. That's more than the average figure for the population as a whole, according to a study by the pharmacy Apoteket,

“It’s worrying that so many young people experience physical pain so often,” says Apoteket’s head of research, Anders Carlsten. “It’s important to deal with pain while you’re still young to prevent it from becoming chronic.”

To stem the tide of suffering the pharmacy is launching a national anti-pain campaign starting on April 30. Across the country at Apoteket’s 900 stores “pain centres” will distribute information about how youngsters can best tackle physical pain.

Surprisingly, 31 percent of Swedes don’t take anything in spite of the pain, says Apoteket.