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Experts recommend care for Helén killer

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A second panel of experts has confirmed that the man who killed 10 year old Helén Nilsson in Hörby in 1989 is psychologically ill. The conclusion means that 53 year old Ulf Olsson will almost certainly be sentenced to secure psychiatric care rather than prison.

The new report, prepared by the National Board of Health and Welfare, was presented to Lund district court on Thursday. It had been requested by the prosecutor, Pär Andersson, after an analysis in January had recommended psychiatric care.

But after Olsson was examined by senior consultant Marianne Kristiansson, the Board came to the same conclusion about his mental health when he raped and murdered Helén Nilsson.

Olsson’s lawyer, Sven Jernryd, told Swedish Radio that his client does not appear to be psychologically disturbed but says that he “neither knows nor remembers” anything about the crime.

“He himself has said that ‘if I’m guilty of what the prosecutor says I’ve done then I’m afraid of myself’,” said Jernryd.

“I’m of the opinion that he himself would consider that he is in need of care,” he added.

Jernryd said that he sees secure psychiatric care as the only adequate sentence.

The trial will resume on March 30th and both Marianne Kristiansson and Sten Levander, the professor who initially assessed Olsson’s mental health, will be called as witnesses.

“That’s so that we have the chance of building as good an understanding as possible of the issue,” said the trial judge Jan Alvå to the news agency TT. “In the end it will be the court which decides.”

Dagens Nyheter said that in the light of the unanimity of the experts it would be “sensational” if the court sentenced Olsson to imprisonment instead of care.

Olsson also stands accused of killing 26 year old Malmö prostitute Jannica Ekblad, five months after the death of Helén Nilsson. Jan Alvå said he expected the remainder of the case to be dealt with in a day, and sentencing will take place the following week.

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