Football thugs riot in Stockholm pub

Twenty-seven football fans were arrested in Stockholm on Saturday night after a riot broke out at a pub in the Södermalm area of the city. The fight between supporters of rival football clubs left nine people needing hospital treatment, including two police officers, and caused significant damage to the Dubliners pub on Hornsgatan.

The fight is said to have involved around 100 hooligans allied to the Hammarby and Djurgården football clubs. There are conflicting reports as to how the fight began. Aftonbladet reports sources saying that it followed an incident two hours earlier in a pub in Gullmarsplan in which five Hammarby supporters were attacked by Djurgården fans. Dagens Nyheter reports that a group of Hammarby supporters were upset to find a large group of Djurgården supporters in the pub, which is a traditional haunt of Hammarby fans.

Svenska Dagbladet reports that the riot began when one man made an unprovoked attack on another customer at the pub, hitting him on the head. This man was among those arrested, and was reportedly still being held by police on Sunday evening. Rioters used glasses, bottles and pub furniture as weapons in the fight, which spilled out from the pub onto Hornsgatan.

“It was unreal,” one eyewitness told Aftonbladet. “People used anything they could find to fight with.”

When the first police arrived, between sixty and 100 people were fighting. The first police patrol, with only four police officers, was overwhelmed, and had to wait for reinforcements. The two police officers injured in the riot belonged to the first patrol on the scene. They were taken to hospital for treatment. In total around 100 police attended the fight, as well as four ambulances.

Aftonbladet reported that “dozens” were injured in the fight, and that seven supporters required hospital treatment. Among those injured was a man with knife wounds to his head. There was also significant damage to the pub, with most windows smashed and furniture destroyed.

Of the 27 people arrested at the scene, 25 were set free on Sunday morning. Two others, including the man said to have started the fight, were still in police custody on Sunday evening. Prosecutors will decide on Monday morning whether to apply to keep the men locked up.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet