Gothenburg carjacker shot by police

A 17 year old who stole a car at gun point was shot and wounded by police minutes later in Gothenburg yesterday. His condition in hospital was described as serious but not critical.

The incidents occurred at around 2.30pm in the centre of the city. A twenty four year old woman and her friend were driving round the car park next to the Heden playing fields looking for a parking space. A young man suddenly jumped out of another car and came towards them holding a gun.

The two women got out of the car, but their assailant seemed “nervous and clumsy” and allowed the 24 year old to retrieve her handbag before driving off.

“It felt completely unreal. I couldn’t believe it was happening. By Heden, with masses of people and in the middle of the day. He must have been desperate.”

The theft was observed by a bus driver, waiting at the adjacent bus terminal. By the time the car drove off, the driver had already alerted police.

The 17 year old drove at high speed down Odinsgatan before stopping at a red light. At the same time a patrol car emerged from a side street and two officers got out and approached the stolen car from both sides.

According to police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg, when one of the officers opened the driver’s door, the youth pointed his gun at him. The policeman on the passenger side then shot him in the side.

However, witnesses who spoke to Göteborgs-Posten claim the 17 year old sat motionless as the police officers approached the car and couldn’t have constituted a danger to them.

Witnesses also said that the ambulance came immediately, but that there was a ten minute delay before the youth was carried to it.

All four police officers involved in the arrest have been debriefed and an investigation into the shooting has started. All incidents in which a policeman fires his weapon in the course of duty are automatically investigated.

Sources: Göteborgs Posten