Another prisoner on the run

A 23 year old patient from Karsudden secure psychiatric hospital escaped on Saturday while on a supervised visit to Norrköping.

The man, who slipped his guards at around 11am, is said to be dangerous. Nevertheless, police were not informed of the escape until an hour and a half later.

The 23 year old’s carers started off by looking for him in Spiralen, the department store they were in at the time. At 11.15am they called Karsudden to report the escape. A full hour later the hospital faxed the police with a description of the man.

Police nationwide were put on alert for the man, who has a shaved head and was wearing a white winter jacket. He is serving a sentence for serious assault, making illegal threats, narcotics crimes and weapons offences.

“The 23 year old is considered dangerous when he is using drugs, but to me it doesn´t seem like he is dangerous otherwise,” said Tobias Jöhnemark, officer on duty at Sörmland police, to Dagens Nyheter on Saturday afternoon.

“To start with we had indications that he was on his way to Stockholm, but we really don´t know where he is,” Jöhnemark added.

Both the Gothenburg and Östergötland police forces are helping their colleagues in Sörmland.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, Karsudden is now “considering reviewing their routines”.

“I think so. That seems reasonable after this,” said Lennart Edström, chief psysician at Karsuddens hospital to news agency TT.