Sony Ericsson’s camera-mobiles top sales lists

Sony Ericsson's T630 is topping the sales chart at mobile-phone retailers The Phonehouse, which has 70 shops across Sweden, closely followed by its slightly more expensive cousin the Sony Ericsson K700.

Telia’s customers also seem to be choosing Sony Ericsson with camera-mobiles K7001, K5001 and T630 selling like hot cakes.

In 76 stores across the country seven of the top ten most sold phones by Telia are camera-mobiles: three produced by Sony Ericsson, two by Nokia and two by Samsung.

At The Phonehouse, eight of the top ten selling phones have an inbuilt camera with Sony Ericsson leading the way.

Mobile-Phone Sales for March 2005

(February’s placing in brackets)



1. (1) Sony Ericsson T630 (camera)

2. (2) Sony Ericsson K700 (camera)

3. (-) Sony Ericsson T290 (no camera)

4. (7) Sony Ericsson K500 (camera)

5. (6) Nokia 5140 (camera)



1. (2) Sony Ericsson K700i (camera)

2. (3) Nokia 3510i (no camera)

3. (4) Sony Ericsson K500i (camera)

4. (1) Sony Ericsson T630 (camera)

5. (8) Nokia 5140 (camera)

Sources: Ny Teknik