Triangelfilm to buy Sandrew Metronome

Triangelfilm, along with production company S/S Fladen and distributors Atlantic Film AB, are to buy cinema chain Sandrew Metronome Sverige AB.

According to DN, staff were informed on Monday. The deal is worth a reported 56 million kronor.

SF Bio had initially wished to purchase Sandrew Metronome but the Swedish Competition Authority went to court to stop the deal, fearing SF Bio would monopolise the market as the deal would give them a 95% share of the market. Although SF Bio promised to freeze ticket prices for five years and spoke of guaranteeing continued support for smaller, Swedish film productions, they have subsequently backed out of the deal.

Mattias Nohrborg, head of Triangelfilms, told DN the deal means “there’s an exciting future ahead,” and expressed his belief that cinema still commands an audience in Sweden.

It is not apparent how Triangelfilm plan to develop Sandrews, but Nohrborg did tell DN that the company’s aim is to attract a larger audience to Sandrews’ cinemas.

Since 1988 Triangelfilm have specialised in offering the cinema-going public a selection of alternative, less mainstream movies.

Sandrew Metronome currently have 22 cinema complexes, running 89 screens in 15 cities across Sweden.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Triangel Film, Dagens Industri