Judge takes break in wake of rent boy accusations

The Supreme Court judge suspected of buying sex from a twenty-year old man is taking a voluntary break from work, while an internal investigation into the charges gets underway.

The chair of the Supreme Court, Bo Svensson, released a press statement for the first time since accusations were aired in late March.

“The details are unfortunate for the Supreme Court, to say the least, as well as for the accused judge. He has opted to take time off and will not participate in decisions of the court,” wrote Svensson.

Prosecutor Guntra Åhlund is leading the investigation into the 60-year old judge’s activities but she will not confirm his identity. “I can confirm that I have started an investigation regarding a crime involving the purchase of sexual favors. I will not confirm any details about suspects,” she told Swedish radio.

Earlier tabloid reports reveal that the judge’s name was among a list of sex customers on a young man’s computer, inadvertently discovered when police raided the young burglary suspect’s home.

In Sweden, judges are not fired or suspended until the Justice Department officially says that he or she faces a criminal investigation or has committed gross misconduct while in office. Investigations involving police, prosecutors and judges are always handled by a special internal investigations unit.

Sources: Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen