Stockholm ice corpse was a man

Genetic testing has revealed a man, not a woman, was the murder victim whose body parts were discovered in central Stockholm’s frozen waters.

Stockholm police have been asking for help for more than a week in identifying the person, but are now more confident than ever. “I expect we’ll get more tips now…it’s probably a matter of time before we have an identification,” says police spokesperson Inga-Lill Fransson.

The victim’s long hair and “feminine characteristics” led police to believe it was a woman. The body’s torso is still missing, so the description was based on facial appearances. A genetic test completed today (Thursday) found that the victim is in fact a man.

“It’s unfortunate that we were wrong, but it didn’t seem possible that we were looking at anything other than a woman,” said Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren.

Fransson says the description of the victim is the same:

“The victim is between 50 and 60 years old, about 165-170 cm tall, shoulder-length dark blond hair with gray streaks, and blue eyes.”

Police plan to search the country’s register of missing persons to see if there is a match.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter