Swedish police can get new identity

A new law has been passed which gives members of the Swedish Police Force the right to assume a secret identity when working on complex cases.

“This is a step towards taking measurements which will enable us to combat international crime”, said Thomas Bodström, Minister of Justice. A police officer with a protected identity will be given a new personal number and a new name. He or she will then be able to get new identity papers.

The new papers have to be filed with the national registration authorities so that their new identity will protect them properly, explained DN.

The lack of secure and secret identity papers has caused problems in the past when the police have worked in co-operation with international police forces. If a police officer’s real identity has been discovered it can be put his or her life in danger. This has led in the past to complicated investigations being called off.

The change of law is expected to come in to force in January next year, reported SVD.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter