Metro to launch web portal

Metro is to open a global portal offering a variety of services including dating, gaming and music downloads, according to SvD. The new site will also offer a news service from the autumn.

“We’ve got a good relationship with many morning readers,” Hördur Bender, Managing Director of Metro Modern Media told Svenska Dagbladet. “A web portal will allow us access to our readers during the day.”

Metro is counting on financing the project with advertising and a variety of online services. It’s not clear exactly which partners Metro will be working with on the site but Bender dismissed the suggestion that Nordic Betting, part of the Stenbeck Group, were involved.

Metro’s web-portal is to be available globally in a variety of local languages through different webdomains, launching first this week in Sweden.

Dagens Industri claims the company, part of the Stenbeck Group which also owns TV3, ZTV, is about to kick off a massive global media campaign worth a reported billion kronor to get readers bookmarking in their web browser. Hördur Bender would not confirm how much the company is investing.

Metro’s new web-portal launches on Wednesday.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri