Sweden asked to extradite suspected paedophile

(AFP) Romania's justice ministry said on Monday that it had asked for the extradition of the founder of a semi-religious movement suspected of paedophilia who was arrested in Sweden last week.

Gabriel Bivolaru, 53, a yoga teacher who was arrested in Malmö on April 4 on an Interpol warrant, is accused of sexual relations with minors, sexual perversion, trafficking of minors and attempted illegal frontier crossing.

Bivolaru founded the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute, which claims to have thousands of members in Romania, and includes the drinking of urine among its precepts. According to members, Bivolaru, nicknamed “the guru”, demanded absolute obedience, and administered corporal punishment to recalcitrants.

He was first arrested at the end of March last year as he allegedly tried to cross the Romanian-Hungarian border secretly while under investigation for corrupting minors. Freed on account of a procedural error a few days later, he disappeared.