Blocket hacked

Classified-ads' site is currently running a limited service after a hacker attacked the site last week. The popular website's technicians are now trying to track the hacker and improve their site security.

“Hacking is not a game,” Blocket’s Managing Director, Pierre Siri, told Svenska Dagbladet. “A lot of people have been caused extra hassle because of this. And our customers have been unable to sell their goods.”

Last Wednesday a hacker accessed Blocket’s home page and vandalised the text on the front page. The site has been running at half-speed while the company make necessary security updates and try to track the hacker down.

“We currently have 18 technicians working on our 40 or so servers. The idea was to get the service working fully again by 7 AM today.”

Blocket plan to press charges if the hacker, who reportedly accessed a number of computers at KTH, is caught.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Blocket