Ongame launches mobile poker

Swedish online gambling company Ongame is to launch interactive poker for mobile-phones. The company, which already has a database of 3.8 million players around the world with an average of 7,000 playing at any given time, claims it is the first in the world to offer such a service.

The game is based on software which can be downloaded at Customers can then bet both play and real money over the mobile-phone network against other players using their mobile or logged into

Interactive mobile poker for play money launches in April whilst the real-money version of the card game will be launched internationally over the coming weeks.

With online gaming one of the biggest growth sectors in the online market, and mobile 3G phones increasingly popular, the Swedish gaming company seems intent on extending their reach even further. No doubt the tabloids, recently critical of the current poker craze, will be up in arms. Expressen recently warned “Net poker is a ticking bomb…that can become addictive.”

Because of restrictions in place according to Swedish law, Ongame’s websites – including PokerRoom – cannot accept Swedish customers who wish to play for real money.