Early tax rebates tempt internet declarers

If you submit your tax declaration via the internet, telephone or text message, you will receive any rebate as early as Midsummer. At the same time, the technology is set to save the Tax Agency (RSV) millions of kronor.

“The carrot of a tax rebate before the summer holidays seems to have changed people’s minds about declaring electronically,” said Tommy Carlsson, head of the unit which processes over seven million declarations every year at the RSV.

Declaration forms were distributed to households over a week ago and already, two weeks before the 2 May deadline, up to 50,000 completed forms are streaming in every day.

“We’ve three times as many declarations compared to this time last year,” Carlsson told the TT news agency.

But by sending in a declaration electronically, citizens are also doing the RSV a favour by helping the agency save money. They estimate they can save 12 kronor per declaration by using technology. Last year, just over a million submitted internet declarations, bringing a saving of around 12m kronor. This year it promises to be more.

“Our target is 1.5m electronic declarations. If we’re lucky and the current rate continues, we should beat that,” said Carlsson.

“The money we save will be used to improve our service,” Carlsson continued. “We’ll be able to provide better information and improve the accuracy or our work.”

The RSV has set something of an example to the state sector in the way it’s put into effect the notion of the 24 hour public service.

Last year, the RSV had anticipated considerably more than 1 million internet declarers. One reason for the lukewarm response was concern over the electronic identification system. The system is in the form of a program, available for download from banks and the RSV, and is necessary for amending a declaration and for registering certain transactions such as the sale of shares. People seem to have more confidence in the system this year and already 100,000 declarations using electronic identification have been received.

For the majority of declarations, only the codes given on the form are necessary.