Power companies to give storm compensation

Two of the biggest power companies in Sweden, Sydkraft and Fortum, will give full compensation all of those affected by the powerful storm to hit southern Sweden in January. The decision is a reversal of the companies early policy not to compensate many of those affected by the stoppages.

Both Fortum and Sydkraft initially said that compensation would only be paid to customers living in areas where it was proven that the power failures were the companies’ fault. This left many customers out of pocket for expenses such as fuel for generators, lost frozen food, and hotel and restaurant visits.

“Our customers are the most important thing for us at Sydkraft. That is why we will compensate all of those living in the affected areas according to the power law…every application for compensation will be tried individually,” said Anette Brodin Rampe, director of local business for Sydkraft to Svenska Dagbladet.

The decision came after the companies realised that deciding which customers had the right to extra compensation and which did not was a very hard task. Many were making claims worth thousands of kronor. The companies deny that the decision is a direct result of the harsh criticism that has been thrown at them by angry householders.

“It became too hard to decide [who to compensate] and we want to treat everyone fairly. That is why it is better to compensate those who have come with a demand,” said Khennet Tallinger, Sydkraft’s chief lawyer.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter