Dismembered ?ice man? identified

Body parts found dumped on Stockholm’s waterways have been identified as belonging to a 46-year old man from the capital.

Police say that the man was identified through his dental records after they received a tip-off as to who he could be. His name is being kept secret until his family has been informed.

The man’s head and limbs were found on the ice near Gamla Stan in Stockholm at the end of March. Other parts of his body were found on the water at Danvikstull in mid-April.

Investigators, who have treated the case as murder from the outset, now hope to discover more about the 46-year old’s life and death.

“We will talk with his acquaintances and relatives to see if there was a particular threat to him, and to find out who he was in contact with,” said Kjell Lindgren of Stockholm Police to Svenska Dagbladet.

The news of the man’s identification comes just two days after the discovery of parts of another dismembered body, this time in Norsborg, a suburb of the capital. A woman walking in the woods found two partly buried human legs. This followed a further discovery in Gnesta, in which two girls found the body of a man wrapped in a bin bag.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter