Stockholm criminal gang busted

Stockholm police have uncovered a large criminal network dealing drugs, weapons and stolen cars in the capital, reported DN on Tuesday.

The gang was caught when police carried out a routine check at a private party. They found guns and cocaine on the premises and arrested ten people, most of whom were released shortly afterwards.

A police spokesman said two people are still being held, suspected of being the ringleaders of the organisation. He added that further arrests are expected.

Reports indicate that the raid on the party was carried out three weeks ago, but only now have police gone public with the details. Up to ten homes have been raided, mainly in southern Stockholm, and police have confiscated up to 30 stolen vehicles, a large amount of drugs and at least 10 automatic weapons.

The guns are reported to be made in Russia, but belong to the Swedish army. although police are currently not revealing details of the weapons’ provenance. Investigators have managed to track down the owners of several of the seized cars, and it seems most of them were stolen in and around the Stockholm area.