Woman used dismembered man?s bankcard

A woman has been filmed trying to take money out of a bank account belonging to Björn Habolin, the man whose dismembered body was found on the ice in central Stockholm in March.

Police say the pictures, from a security camera in the Ringen shopping centre on Södermalm in Stockholm, provide them with their most important lead in the search for Habolin’s killer.

The pictures were shown on the TV3 crime programme Efterlyst on Thursday. They were taken just before half past three on the morning of April 13th, two weeks after the discovery of parts of Habolin’s body on the ice between Slussen and Gamla Stan, in the heart of the capital. Further body parts were later found a few miles away at Danvikstull.

In the pictures, a woman is seen attempting to take money out of the cash machine using the dead man’s card. When she sees that the account is empty the woman walks away.

When the body was found, police believed that the man was a woman, due to what they thought was a feminine appearance. DNA tests later forced the police to change their assumptions, and the body was identified as belonging to Björn Habolin after his brother contacted investigators.

Police now want to talk to the woman seen using the Habolin’s bankcard, and also hope to find two men seen on the ice near Slussen just before the body parts were discovered.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, TV3,