New rules for adding comments on The Local

As The Local's readership increases daily, so the numbers of people adding comments to articles is soaring. Some philosophise, some debate, some grumble and some want to express their sheer unbounded joy that they live in Sweden. Others, of course, want to express their sheer unbounded joy that they don't live in Sweden.

Whatever you want to say, we heartily encourage you to sign up (it’s free and takes but a moment) and join the discussion.

But we ask you, whether you’re an old hand or a new arrival, to note that the conditions for adding a comment have been updated and are detailed below.

They’re a little bit more detailed and a little bit more strict, but we hope you won’t be put off from speaking your mind on every subject. Starting with this one.

Comments on The Local – Conditions of use

You are welcome to add a maximum of five comments to to any article or debate which appears on on The Local, subject to the following conditions.

1. The Local reserves the right to remove any comment without explanation or warning.

2. The Local will remove any comment which it deems to be detrimental to the quality of the site or the experience of other readers of the site. This includes, but is not limited to, comments which contain:

a. Obscene language;

b. Language which may cause offence on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion;

c. Private information, including contact details, about the contributor or anyone else;

d. Links to sites which The Local deems to be inappropriate, such as pornographic or racist sites;

e. Personal threats;

f. Personal insults;

g. Incitement to break the law;

h. Advertising or commercial information;

i. Excessive use of uppercase letters;

j. Nonsense, gibberish, codswallop, poppycock, gobbledygook, tommyrot or balderdash.

3. The Local will remove any comments which are:

a. ‘Off topic’ in that they do not relate to the original article;

b. Potentially or actually in breach of copyright laws in that they include direct reproductions of material already published elsewhere.

4. While comments posted anonymously or under a pseudonym are acceptable, subscribing with another contributor’s name or the name of a public figure will result in the immediate cancellation of all associated accounts.

5. The Local is unable to enter into a discussion about its decision to remove comments.

6. The Local reserves the right to change these conditions without warning.

If you read a comment which you think ought to be removed from the site, please report it to us by emailing [email protected]