Temperatures rise at Liseberg

How do you know when it’s spring in Sweden? Well, according to the Swedish Meteorlogical and Hydrological Office (SMHI), spring starts as soon as the snow melts. This means that spring has come to all but the very far north of the country, reported Saturday’s Aftonbladet.

A more jolly indicator of the coming of spring was Saturday’s opening of the Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg. The park, Scandinavia’s largest, opened its 82nd summer season with a rendition from Per Gessle of Roxette, on the park’s main stage.

In just the first hour after the park opened, 5,500 people passed through Liseberg’s gates, encouraged no doubt by the sunny spring weather, and by Liseberg’s new attractions, which this year include “The Canon”, a new ride taking visitors and their stomachs on a high-speed journey through mountains and valleys. The park will remain open until October.

April has so far been a slightly warmer than average month for most of Sweden. But, according to SMHI, this is mainly because unusually warm weather in the first five days of April has boosted the average temperature for the month. This relatively warm weather has been pushed out thanks to a band of high pressure, which has brought colder air over the country.

“We’ve had stable spring weather with cold nights and sunny days,” said SMHI’s Per Lundgren, adding that the cold nights act as a brake on day temperatures. The sunny days should continue throughout this week, it is forecast.

But anyone in he south of the country wishing that the warm weather would get a move-on should spare a thought for people living in the far north, where Aftonbladet reports that the snow is still over one metre deep.

Sources: Aftonbladet, Göteborgs Posten