Swedes support smoking ban

AFP A large majority of Swedes are in favour of a country-wide ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants scheduled to take effect next month, according to a poll published on Monday.

Some 85 pct of Swedes said they favoured a total ban on smoking in restaurants, and 95 pct said they expected to go out to eat as often or more often once the ban comes into effect, according to the survey of 2,000 people conducted by polling firm Temo.

On June 1, Sweden will join a growing number of countries, including neighbouring Norway, with total bans on lighting up in all public places.

Of those questioned in the poll, which was published by news agency TT, 77 percent said they thought banning smoking in bars and night clubs was also a good idea.

Most surprising was that two-thirds of smokers questioned said they agreed with the ban.