Online declarers given another 24 hours

The Tax Agency (RSV) have given internet users an extra 24 hours to submit their annual tax declaration. Problems with servers have meant that thousands of online declarers have been unable to download an electronic id, necessary to register many declarations. They now have until midnight Tuesday to declare without incurring penalties.

Customers of the SEB bank have been hardest hit. Telia Sonera, who have supplied servers to provide electronic id’s, appear to have misjudged the last minute rush, with the result that around 2,000 individuals were unable to download id’s despite repeated attempts.

Telia Sonera Sverige spokesman, Lars Billström, said:

“Leading up to the weekend, we saw just how much pressure there was, so we increased capacity by a factor of six and still it wasn’t enough.”

The RSV were sympathetic to the plight of those who have been unable to declare and were happy to extend the deadline.

“We can see who hasn’t been able to download their id,” added Kay Kojer, head of the RSV’s e-declaration project.

There was also disappointment for a number of internet declarers tempted by the promise of a rebate by midsummer. Apparently they haven’t read the small print. They only qualify for the incentive if all members of the family or household submit an electronic declaration.

The RSV have already been fielding calls from angry tax-payers, but Annikki Cederlund at the tax office in Gothenburg, for one, was unrepentent:

“We’ve tried to give full information. But evidently not everyone has read about the conditions concerning families or members of a household who are taxed together.”

Otherwise, the RSV are delighted with this year’s campaign for more electronic declarations. On Monday afternoon, the 2 millionth such declaration came in from a citizen in Skövde. Last year saw around 1 million electronic declarations and RSV were hoping for 1.6 million this year.

There were around 1.3 million internet declarations, 600,000 telephone declarations and over 200,000 declarations sent by text message.

Kay Kojer remarked:

“We’re delighted with the success of this year’s electronic declaration campaign. The results have far exceeded our expectations.”

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Göteborgs Posten