Urine could lead police to Stockholm killers

Police hunting the killers of a 29 year old who died after being assaulted in central Stockholm last week believe that their urine may provide clues to their identity.

In the early hours of Thursday morning the victim commented on two men who were urinating in a doorway in Kungsgatan. The two men, and, according to police, up to two other men, chased the 29 year old and beat him up. He was taken to Karolinska hospital with serious head injuries and died on Saturday.

One man was arrested on Friday and another on Saturday but both have now been released and are not suspected of involvement in the attack.

Police do not yet have any suspects, but they are hoping that the results of the forensic analysis of the doorway will help.

“Hopefully we will be able to get the DNA of the attackers,” said the police spokesman Ulf Göranzon.

While the urine itself does not contain DNA, it can contain cells from the body. That makes it less useful than saliva or hair, according to Tore Olsson, from the National Forensics Laboratory. He told Expressen that a few drops should still be enough for investigators to work with.

Police have also set up a special telephone line for potential witnesses.

“Since there were so many people there we believe that there are people who have valuable information about the case,” Ulf Göranzon told Svenska Dagbladet.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen