Bergman web site to launch in September

The start date for the anticipated international website dedicated to Ingmar Bergman - has been announced. The electronic publication of assorted artifacts of the great Swedish film director will be launched on September 1st.

The Ingmar Bergman website was initiated by The Ingmar Bergman Foundation and will feature screenplays, plays, interviews sound files, story boards and film clips.

Bergman donated 44 cartons of his material to the Swedish Film Institute library three years ago, with the request that Maaret Koskinen go through the material first. Koskinen is associate professor of cinema studies at Stockholm University and author of one of the best studies on the filmmaker Everything Is, Nothing Represents: Ingmar Bergman and Interartiality (2001).

An interart/intermedia focus (theatre, music literature and film) in the work of Ingmar Bergman will be the subject of the Bergman Symposium (May 30-June 1) hosted by the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and Stockholm University (see listings). It brings some of the best Bergman scholars, colleagues and devotees to Stockholm, including Lars von Trier, Erland Josephson and Pernilla August.

“Right from the outset I have viewed it as a matter of priority for the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and the Film Institute to establish a regular meeting-point for the world’s leading Bergman scholars in the form of a symposium,” said Åse Kleveland, chair of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and CEO of the Swedish Film Institute.

“Thanks to tremendous enthusiasm and support from the administration of Stockholm University, the symposium is now a reality. Our aim is to make it a regular event to be held once every two years.”

“It is particularly apt that it should take place in the same year that sees the launch this autumn of the major new website, Ingmar Bergman Face to Face,” added Kleveland.

A trailer for the site is currently available:

Moira Sullivan

Moira Sullivan is a freelance journalist and member of the Swedish Film Critics’ Association