Mobile buyers must pay tv licence

Many mobile phone users must in the future also pay for a tv licence. Electronic goods dealers are obliged from the start of this week to notify Radiotjänst, the Swedish TV licence fee collector, of all those who purchase mobiles, Svenska Dagebladet has reported.

“We will inform all dealers as soon as possible. The basic rule is that if you buy an apparatus which can receive television broadcasts then you should also buy a licence” said Lars Lindberg, head of Radiotjänst.

The regulation is not new. The recent development is that on Tuesday, Telia began TV transmissions to mobiles. According to Telia the transmissions can be received by 57 different mobile models. In practice it concerns all quite new models and those that are a little more advanced.

The fact that the beneficiary of the licence fee – Swedish Television, is not among the three channels being transmitted is immaterial. The licence requirement applies as soon as the mobile can receive tv transmissions.

According to Lars Lindberg the problem is not very significant as 90% of all Swedes already have a licence for the tv at home and then they are allowed to have any number of apparatus in the household. The biggest change is for the mobile dealers who will have to report the ownership of the goods.

Source: Svenska Dagbladet

David Murphy

David Murphy is managing director of Word of Mouth Communications