England football star in Stockholm brawl

Manchester United and England footballer Rio Ferdinand was attacked in a Stockholm bar on Friday night.

“It was unpleasant,” he said. “I’m no troublemaker but sometimes this sort of thing happens in bars.”

Ferdinand was holidaying in Sweden with a couple of friends and was on a tour of the capital’s bars and restaurants.

“Tonight I’m going to party and meet young, good-looking Swedish girls,” he told Aftonbladet, which caught up with him earlier in the evening.

At about 1.30am they turned up at Café Opera where, according to the tabloid, they found themselves sharing a table with someone “with links to the underworld”.

The man asked for a photo with Ferdinand, who made the tactical error of telling him to “fuck off”.

A rumpus ensued which left the England star with a bloody face. At one point he apparently leapt onto a sofa with a broken glass in his hand, “ready to defend himself”.

Bouncers soon calmed things down and Ferdinand and friends left to sample the atmosphere at Sturecompagniet, a fashionable nightclub in Stockholm’s Stureplan.

Rio Ferdinand was left out of the current England tour of America in order to allow a knee injury to heal.

Sources: Aftonbladet