Police clueless after pensioner double murder

Police hunting the killer of a 70 year old man and his 68 year old partner who were found dead on Thursday afternoon at the man's farm on the island of Härnö, near Härnösand, say they have no suspects.

“We have nothing to go on right now,” said police spokesman Christer Johansson.

Police have begun a forensic search in the area but no murder weapon has been found yet.

For several days the man’s daughter had been ringing the farm without a reply. When she went there at around 2pm on Thursday she found the woman dead in a barn on the property.

When police arrived at the scene later they found the man’s body, which had been hidden in the same building.

According to Expressen both victims had been killed with a blunt instrument and that the attack had been “frenzied”.

“The woman was dragged across the farmyard into the barn but we don’t know if she was alive at that point,” said Johansson.

Police are yet to identify a motive for the murders. However, they said they have not ruled out robbery after the man’s daughter indicated that someone had been in the house.

“Today we’re stepping up the work,” Johansson told Dagens Nyheter. “We’ll have 25 officers involved plus administrative personnel.”

Expressen noted that this is the sixth ‘double murder’ in Sweden in just over a year.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen