Drug-free certificates for athletes at Stockholm meeting

Organizers of the IAAF Super Grand Prix in Stockholm in July plan to introduce a doping-free certificate for athletes and those who refuse to take the test may be barred from the event in the future, organisers said.

The Grand Prix, scheduled for July 26, is marketing itself as a “Clean Sport Event”, with the aim of letting the public know that the athletes competing are drug-free.

“In the future, only athletes who have passed the ‘doping certificate’ will be allowed to compete in the event. But we haven’t set up any timeframe for

when that will be introduced – we see this as a pilot project,” competition director Rajne Söderberg told Swedish news agency TT.

In order to qualify for a certificate, athletes must have passed at least two drug tests in the past 12 months, remain available for testing at all times, pass an Internet-based knowledge test about doping, and never have received a ban of 18 months or more for doping.

According to TT, Swedish stars Carolina Kluft, Stefan Holm, Christian Olsson and Kajsa Bergqvist plan to take the test.